Ways To Succeed In The Ghana Armed Forces Body Selection And Documentation Process In 2022

Here’s how to pass the 2022 recruitment’s Ghana Armed Forces Body Selection and Documentation Process. Qualified applicants or candidates receive text messages inviting them to come continue the screening process with their original documents and certificates after completing online forms via the recruiting e-voucher, a stage that most refer to as the Body Selection and Documentation stage. We’ll cover everything you need to know in this article, followed by instructions on how to pass the 2022 Ghana Armed Forces Physical Selection and Documentation stage of recruitment. To start, let’s define what body selection and documentation are.

All About Body Selection and Documentation for the Ghanaian Armed Forces

What is the first stage of the Ghanaian Armed Forces documentation?

At this stage of the hiring process, applicants’ submitted documentation is examined to ensure its legitimacy and its consistency with the information they provided when applying.

How to Get Through the Documentation Phase?

Applicants must bring original copies and photocopies of the following documents for inspection in order to pass the Ghana Armed Forces documentation stage:

  • Confirmation printout or PDF
  • Birth Registration
  • Certificate of BECE
  • a WASSCE diploma
  • Certificate in NVTI/HND/DEGREE/MASTERS (Where Applicable)
  • Body selection comes next after your Details have been successfully verified.

What is Body Selection for the Ghanaian Armed Forces?

  • Candidates are invited to a comprehensive physical inspection at this stage of the recruitment process to determine whether their physique meets Ghana Armed Forces standards and criteria.
  • This procedure is necessary, among other things, to prevent visible varicose veins, flat feet, excessive bodybuilding, double piercings for women, and tattoos.
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  • Additionally, at this step, applicants’ heights are evaluated or verified to verify if they meet the respected standards and requirements of the Armed Forces.

At the Body Selection stage, what are they looking for?

At the body selection step, among other things, the following are looked for;

  • Height
  • Body
  • Toes
  • Nails
  • Abdominal area
  • How applicants walk
  • How applicants can squat or bend down
  • Applicants May be asked to raise their hands or perform a few gestures
  • Haircut – Males (could be optional)
  • Pubic Hair and/or Beard (Could be optional)

How to Pass the Ghana Armed Forces Body Selection stage

Candidates may need to exercise good personal hygiene, which includes keeping their body, toes, nails, and pubic area clean.

Note: Candidates may be required to wear clean underwear or singlets prior to body selection as they may be requested to remove their clothing for purposes such as tattoo examination, stomach examination, etc.

Second, they must do everything the commanders will instruct them to.


It is believed that candidates have studied all of the prerequisites before purchasing scratch cards to apply to join the Ghana Armed Forces. Therefore, the body selection and documentation procedure is in place to ensure that the candidates actually satisfy the criteria for recruitment.

Please go here for the Body Selection and Documentation 2022’s official start date. Questions about the Ghana Armed Forces Body Selection and Documentation Process 2022 can be asked in the comments section below, and we’ll try our best to respond.


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