Jenelle Evans, star of Teen Mom 2, labels her mother Barbara Evans “toxic” for failing to acknowledge her accomplishments.

Jenelle Evans, star of Teen Mom 2, labels her mother Barbara Evans “toxic” for failing to acknowledge her accomplishments.

Teen Mom 2 actress Jenelle Evans referred to her mother Barbara Evans as “poison” for failing to acknowledge her accomplishments. After arguing for years over who should have custody of her son Jace, many are wondering what precipitated the apparent mother-daughter altercation.

For almost ten years, Jenelle and Barbara starred in the Teen Mom series, first on 16 and Pregnant and then on Teen Mom 2. Viewers of Teen Mom 2 have been witness to the mother-daughter duo’s tumultuous relationship for years. Viewers saw how Jenelle put her hard partying above taking care of Jace, her firstborn child.

After realising that her mother, Barbara,

After realising that her mother, Barbara, has cautioned other teen mom girls not to become like Jenelle, Jenelle Evans is upset. With a post on Instagram and TikTok on July 31, Sunday, the former teen mom 2 star appeared to respond to Babs’ blabs by saying that her mother, with whom she had recently gotten back together after a time of separation, is “toxic.” She scribed, “And I simply refrain from speaking. I’ve never been happier in my life as I am right now. When you don’t get any praise for your successes, especially from your mother, it stinks.”

Jenelle’s Instagram post received few quick responses from social media superstars. Verified Being quiet speaks volumes!, Ayla Jalyn wrote. “I’m sorry,” wrote Dawson Day. Additionally, Jenelle’s followers expressed their appreciation for her message. A user posted, “Just keep moving forward. regardless of who observes from outside. You are aware of your accomplishments.” One more added, “never feel as though your successes have gone unnoticed by those who have been following you since you left the show. You’ve gone a long way, changed a lot, and have a wonderful family and life. Everyone in this room sees that every day, so if somebody can’t see it, it’s their loss.”

Viewpoint of Barbara on Jenelle

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reports that Barbara is heard supposedly advising the “Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant” girls to exercise caution with their MTV salaries in an Instagram clip that was just made public. She advised them not to waste money on lovers and not to let fame alter who they were as people. The former “Teen Mom 2” grandma, Barbara Evans, recently gave these words of advice, using her own daughter, Jenelle Evans, as an example.

In the backdrop of the film, Barbara can be heard stating, “Make sure- listen to me, I’m going to offer you advice- do not get pulled into this fame and do not, no seriously, do not squander your money.” Avoid becoming famous because it would wreck your life. What are you f**king NUTS, she said, “Even Jenelle, she spent so much money on cars, boats, and everything for her boyfriends? Ya know, going on vacations,” explains Barbara.

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